Top 5 Laptops for Your Back To School College Or High School Student

Today every high school and college student needs a laptop, but with so many options and so many different prices it could be homework in itself  to make the right choice. Since technology is my main business with over 30 years of testing repairing and consulting I wanted to do the home-work for you. My reviews are done both by internet customer reviews as well as current shop repairs and equipment knowledge by reviewing the top computers by computer manufacturers  like Dell Lenovo HP Asus and MSI and not in any specific order.

I am actually very excited about the specific list of computer  recommendations that have been chosen. A few major things to keep in mind before making your purchase?

  1. Always check with your Students school for a minimum computer requirements list.
  2. PC or Mac prefered?
  3. Software needed Office, Photoshop, Autocad or Quickbooks…
  4. Basic computer security and protection ie. Antivirus Malware protection.
  5. VPN application, Keeping hackers out of reach.

Whichever laptop you choose you also want to pick up a few extras such as a mouse keyboard and possibly an extra monitor I personally would choose a flat panel TV with HDMI connection for the price, This will  also give your student the flexibility of connecting his streaming device when not doing school work.

In order from the most to least expensive laptops and tablets prices are showing the lowest prices when ordering from, Walmart coming in second then Best Buy being tied with

Based on my experience, Unless your students school says they have to have a Apple computer or your student just has to have one, I would choose a PC Laptop and not a MAC. Macs are over priced, they are not holding up like they did five or more years ago and the repair cost is three times of a PC Laptop. I have worked on more macs in the past two years then ever in my 30 years of working on computers. For any questions, you can email me at with any questions.

best laptops for back to school students

Top 5 laptops for going back to school.

MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (15 inch) $2.189.95

Best over-all under $1300 Dell XPS 9370

Best $1000 laptop Asus ZenBook 13″ Ultra-Slim

Best over-all Under $1000 ASUS Zenbook UX333FA

Great Laptop for the price Laptop, Intel Pentium Silver N5000 $299.88

Free computer Software apps:

Wireless Mouse:

Wireless Keyboard

TCL 32S305 32-Inch 720p Roku Smart LED TV (2017 Model)

Nord VPN Keep Your Kinds Safe while on the computer

Express VPN