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 How to get rid of Malware? What is malware?

Malware: virus, Rootkits, trojan, spyware, etc.

There are many different kinds of programs which do bad things on your computer. They have technical names like virus, Rootkits, bots, trojan, spyware, key logger, adware, and more. All of these can be called “malware”.

For the professional, it is useful to know what these are and exactly what they do, so they can figure out how to get rid of them.
For us, all we know is: How can we get rid of them?


What does malware do?

Malware can be annoying or harmful to your computer or network, it can also:

  • destroy files
  • modify files
  • change settings on your computer (to annoy you)
  • slow your computer down by using it to do other things (see below).

But these days it does more than that!

It gets information from your computer:

  • Get email addresses and send them (through your internet connection) so they can be use for spam.
  • steals information about your surfing habits (what you click on, pages, ads etc what you search for, what websites you visit.)
  • Captures your keystrokes and sends them to someone (passwords! credit card numbers! personal information!)
  • Change settings on your computer (to enable it to do the bad stuff)

It puts things on your computer:

  • Redirects your home page or searches or just stops you from reaching websites.
  • Puts ads on your computer
  • Add links (to ads) in web pages you visit, in your favorites/bookmarks, on your desktop
  • change security settings so that you will see sites you thought you had blocked, popup ads, etc.
  • Puts itself on flash drive to infect the next computer.

It does this by installing programs on your computer to do these things .. plus more we don’t know about!

If you think you have any of these issues, call the Pro’s at Computer Technologies and More.

How to get rid of Malware.

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