How cutting the cord will save you major bucks month after month.

At Computer Technologies And More, we get calls almost daily asking us how to cut cost on cable TV from cable providers?


Everyone has pretty much the same story; my internet and TV bills are now over $150-$185 a month and seems to go up every other month.

What we tell customers:  This will work as long as you are not stuck in a contract with your internet provider. Call and request the 50-75 MB plan, these plans both from Comcast and AT&T are between $40.00 and $45.00 a month plus tax. If you will put out the $99.00 cost for a cable modem/router-wireless, you will start saving on month eight.



Now that you have your internet setup and running let’s get you some TV.

Getting a HDTV antenna will get you about 40 local channels.










You will also need a roku , apple tv, chromecast or amazon firestick device with any of these devices, you can get 1000’s of free movies and local streaming channels. If you want to spend $20.00 a month you can add on sling tv this will give you 30 other channels like ESPN, History, FOX, CNN, TNN, Food Network and lots of others.










Total out of out of pocket is around $200 or less.
Internet around $45.00 a month going forward.

For more information and home setup, contact Computer Technologies And More.