Security Signs Good Or Bad?

Security Sign Visibility

Many people use home security signs because signage advertises the added obstacles criminals must take to penetrate the home. When burglars see the signs, they might move on in search of easier prey.

This is not always the case if you are a target and if someone has to gain access into your home or garage. Let’s face it no one should ever break into a place that is not their’s but people can get  desperate and do criminal things when the stakes are higher that they will get a way with it then getting caught.

Lets say you are in a court battle this might cause someone to break into your house looking for information, could be paper info or digital info from a computer or phone that lives in the house. One precaution for protection is to never list info like what kind of security system you have out side your house. Security Sign Visibility is not a good idea unless you use a different sign company other than the company you currently use.

I took a quick drive around my town and found many internet provided signs like Comcast, AT&T and a few others, not that I don’t like the service offered by these companies but not to the point where I would want to tell someone I was using them. For example, if someone wanted to gain access to your home with these companies with no local video backup onsite, what do you think would happen if you lost Internet while this was going on? Yep you got it, you wouldn’t have any access to view that person or persons breaking into your house.

Did you know that 95{2be3c9166ed0c51a321adf4585adf0b44e36bb92ce63cbf2d860df7b9f21c3f6} of all internet lines run from the pole to your house meaning a quick cut of one cable and you no longer have internet in your house as well as the lost of your internet based home security system. So what have we learned here, I know paying one bill with your phone/internet and security system together sounds great and you might even get a better bundled offer but at what cost?

The cost of one snip of your internet cable. Look into a company that has a backup system like cellular or even a true phone line, if that cable is cut or down, they are sending someone to your home to check the status. This post is not to promote or have you stay away from one or more companies but just as a FYI that you might not get what you think you are getting, as well as making you a target for a break in or worse.